Paper Face 
17-30th September 2022

Faces are ever changing landscapes where openings and closings of the human senses reside.  Even as it is constantly evolving, people are identified by faces, recognized and remembered. Faces often betray hidden emotions. It lends a surface to perception and intimacy, as it consciously and unconsciously desires connections to the other.

With the recent pandemic (un)masking, eyes now speak at a louder volume than before. Mouths that took a back seat behind the homogeneity of facial masks open up to reveal lingering breaths of isolation, despair and anxiety but also a growing sense of hope that slowly diffuses amongst people.

Curated by Prypress with support from RJ Paper and LASALLE College of the Arts, design lecturers and students team up to use paper offcuts to explore the poetics of the human face as a reflection of societal changes in the recent times.

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